Anika Molesworth

Australian Young Farmer of the Year 2015 New South Wales

Anika Molesworth is the 2015 Young Australian Farmer of the Year and a 2015 Crawford Scholar. She is passionate about sustainable farming practices and views climate change as the major challenge for farmers now and into the future.

Anika’s passion for farming began when her family moved from Melbourne to a sheep station in western NSW. Although she loved farming and spending her days on horseback, she also experienced first-hand the devastating effect of extreme weather during the decade-long drought of the 2000s.

Her family’s 4500-acre property (Rupee) is located outside Broken Hill, where the Molesworths breed Dorper sheep. They run the property with an emphasis on environmental conservation, employing sustainable and organic principles.

Anika is a strong advocate both within and outside of agriculture for action on climate change. In 2014, she founded Climate Wise Agriculture; a “knowledge sharing platform for climate-smart practices”. She has just completed a Masters in Sustainable Agriculture investigating how farmers can adapt to and mitigate the effects of climate change. Anika spent much of 2015 in Laos researching their agricultural climate adaptation practices.

Areas of interest