Clare Ainsworth Herschell

Groundswell Co-Founder Sydney, NSW

Clare is a connector and community builder who aims to educate, inspire and activate. Previously, Clare was Next Generation Development Manager for the Art Gallery of NSW, and she is now focussing her energies on the climate crisis.

Clare co-founded the Climate Council Heron Island research trip with Anna Rose in 2017, and subsequently the pair have co-founded Groundswell. Clare has over 12 years experience in not-for-profit development and philanthropy. Her work promotes the idea that ‘giving’ comes in many currencies, and helps people to harness their own unique power and purpose.

Clare is a Director of the Art Gallery of NSW Foundation, and on the Advisory Council for the Sydney Women’s Fund. She is also a member of the Australian Environmental Grantmakers Network and the global Climate Reality Leadership Corps. She was also a founding member of New Gen at Philanthropy Australia, and a delegate of the Nexus Global Youth Summit.