Jason Sharam

Managing Director of Linked Group Services Mackay, QLD

Jason Sharam began his working life as an electrical fitter/mechanic 29 years ago and today is the co-founder of Linked Group Services with Peter Shaw.  Established in 2010, Linked Group services provides trade services to multiple industry sectors and manufactures several renewable energy products.

Having both originally come from a farming background as a children, one of the main driving forces at Linked Group services is innovation –Striving to find solutions that are more sustainable and cost effective than are presently available.

As a fully accredited SEC Solar Designer and Installer and with a Diploma in Management, Mr Sharam is passionate about renewables and promotes the transition of carbon emitting industries to a clean energy future.

Having established a great team of people at Linked Group Services he is proud of the results that they have achieved together so far and looks forward to a renewable future for all.

Areas of interest