Jon Wright

Cattle Farmer New South Wales

Jon Wright is a seed stock beef producer from Cowra in central western NSW. He is the owner/manager of Coota Park Blue-E, a 550 cow composite bull breeding operation established in 1996. He has been testing and selecting cattle for feed conservation for almost 20 years, after working for the NSW Department of Agriculture on projects to reduce feed conversion in cattle.

Jon has a Bachelor of Agricultural Science from the University of Sydney. After graduating, he worked as cattle manager on The Trangie Agricultural Research Centre for five years – before returning to the family property at Woodstock near Cowra to start the Blue-E’s and to drive his incredibly supportive father to distraction.

Jon recognises the contribution the beef industry is making to both Australia’s and the world’s total emissions. He wants to support and encourage the industry to recognise this contribution and adapt and change practices to ensure both the industry and the planet have a viable future. John is a member of Farmers for Climate Action.

Areas of interest