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Talks signal wind of change  

South Australia moves to modernise power network

The Australian Wind Alliance has applauded the South Australian government for initiating talks on how to effectively clean up the state’s electricity grid.

The state government is today meeting energy companies, suppliers and consumers to prepare for the next stage of its transition to clean energy, just days after Australia signed up to an international agreement to cut greenhouse gases.


South Australia now generates more than 40 per cent of its total demand from wind and solar and regularly exports excess wind energy to Victoria.

Australian Wind Alliance national coordinator Andrew Bray says finding efficient ways to modernise electricity networks is the kind of critical work that needs to be done if Australia is to fulfil its role in preventing dangerous climate change.

“The Paris agreement heralded the end of the fossil fuel era by acknowledging that investing in renewable energy, including wind, is key to limiting global warming,” Mr Bray said.

Mr Bray says the UN climate talks also highlighted how 100% renewable energy systems are already operating efficiently and reliably in other countries.

“Denmark and Germany are regularly generating high levels of renewable energy – sometimes up to 140 per cent of demand, allowing the countries to share excess power.”


Mr Bray says Australia has the world class wind resources and the technical know-how to follow suit.


“We have successfully operated electricity grids for decades, incorporating a diverse range of generators including coal, gas and hydro and now wind and solar. Australia has the expertise to modernise our energy system.

“Indeed, there are huge job and economic opportunities in bolstering our country’s clean energy sector – so let’s get on with it.”