Media release

Abbott flogging a dead horse in coal

The Abbott Government’s attack on wind energy is even more inexplicable in light of new revelations senior Queensland Treasury officials assessed the Carmichael coal mine as “unbankable”, the Australian Wind Alliance said today.

National Co-ordinator Andrew Bray said it was clear that the Carmichael coal mine held no economic benefit for Australians.

“You have to question why the Abbott Government is backing a clear dud. Global investors don’t want to touch the Carmichael mine with a ten foot barge pole and the Abbott Government is willing to sink taxpayer cash into it.

“Given the rest of the world is adding record wind installations and sees wind energy as an important part of the energy mix, why is our Government so intent on destroying it?

“The government has smashed Australia’s reputation as a destination for clean energy investment by shutting down the pipeline for renewable energy investment.

“They must stop flogging a dead horse in coal and join the rest of the world in embracing a clean energy future.”

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