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Australia should take a leaf out of UK’s book by saving energy waste, and cash

Australia should take a leaf out of the UK’s book and save Aussie households, businesses and the country cash by cutting energy waste, the Energy Efficiency Council said today.

Energy Efficiency Council CEO Luke Menzel said the UK’s new climate and energy plan, released overnight, is built on a simple insight: that the quickest and cheapest way to cut energy bills and carbon emissions is with energy efficiency.
“The Australian energy debate is bogged down in a never-ending argument about the relative merits of different sources of energy like coal, gas, solar or wind. Meanwhile, the UK Government is getting on with cutting emissions, and making household and business bills cheaper at the same time by creating a more energy efficient economy.”
The Clean Growth Plan outlines how the UK Government will achieve big energy efficiency improvements in every sector of its economy, including households, commercial buildings and industry.
Mr Menzel said the plan had a particular focus on the industrial sector.
“With Australian manufacturers struggling with energy costs like never before, our government should look at running a similar program here to help them slash their energy bills while making their operations more efficient and productive,” he said.
“The UK plan also sets an ambitious goal for upgrading all housing stock, including the energy performance of a million homes and putting minimum performance standards in place for rental properties. This is also an area that’s ripe for action in Australia. Per capita, we have more deaths in Australia linked to cold weather than snowbound Sweden and the poor quality of our housing is to blame. Better quality housing here would mean Australians could lead healthier and more comfortable lives, and pay less for power.”


The Energy Efficiency Council is Australia’s peak body for energy efficiency experts.


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