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Balkans to Britain: Young Australian pedaling for planet

Canberra resident Alida Gyory is counting down the days until she next puts pedal to metal– because at close to 3,500km it’s going to be a long ride. Starting out on 29 July 2016 in Baosici, she’ll embark on an 8-week journey from Montenegro to the United Kingdom to raise awareness and funding for the causes closest to her heart – climate change awareness, human rights and the protection of natural habitats and resources. The funds she generates through her Just ‘Cause fundraising page will be donated to the Climate Council and CARE Australia.

This is not the first time Alida will embark on an awe-inspiring bike ride. After pedaling across Australia from Canberra to Perth in June, July and August last year, she is embarking on her second trip to continue spreading awareness and reach new audiences. She will launch her next 8-week adventure in Canberra on 3rd July 2016 on election weekend.

“I loved my first trip. I learned so much, was able to raise awareness about issues that matter most to me and got out of my comfort zone. I enjoyed meeting new people and loved the geographical diversity,” she said.

“Having been involved in climate awareness since my late teens, I believe we need to be doing more. Our major political parties give the issue lip service, but it’s not being addressed with the importance and urgency it needs. I want to raise awareness from more people – it’s an issue that affects everyone”.

Whilst Alida’s journey will require enormous endurance, she doesn’t do any special training except for regular cycling around Canberra. She plans to pack light and ride without many supplies, having learned during her first trip how much she could do without.

Key facts:

When? Media launch: Sunday 3rd July, 4pm Morks restaurant, Canberra. Ride: 29 July – 20 September 2016.

Where? Starting in Baosici, Montenegro, Alida will travel across Europe through Vienna, Geneva and Paris to London.

Why? Because she can! “I’m lucky enough to have freedoms not everyone does, and believe in leading and spreading awareness by getting proactive about all things decent.”

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