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Farmers Accept Clean Energy Gift Rejected by Former Prime Minister

Two farmers of the year will house solar panels that were to be gifted to the nation after former Prime Minister Tony Abbott rejected the present.

Christian justice group Common Grace will today deliver the crowd-funded panels to 2014 Farmers of the Year Derek and Kirrily Blomfield, based in New South Wales’ Liverpool Plains.

The 12 panels were initially gifted to Kirribilli House, under the former Prime Minister, as a gesture of goodwill to highlight growing support for renewable energy amongst Australian Christians.

After the Federal Government rejected the panels due to concerns about cleaning costs and heritage values, Common Grace offered them to the Blomfields who are strong advocates for regenerative farming practices.

Common Grace campaigner Jody Lightfoot said it was wonderful to have found the panels a worthy home.

“Hundreds of Australians donated money towards the cost of these panels and supported calls for the former Prime Minister to install them on his official residence. We’ve been waiting nine months to deliver the panels so we’re all excited to finally see them going to a worthy home.”

“Derek and Kirrily are doing a wonderful job teaching young farmers how sustainable agriculture can be part of the solution to climate change. That reflects our faith and belief in supporting healthy food and a healthy world.”

The Blomfields will install the panels at their Liverpool Plains Home.

“I see that there are potentially wonderful opportunities for farmers in addressing climate change. The regionalising of renewable energy may offer opportunities for farmers such as supporting large scale solar.  They can also provide a solution to climate change by sequestering carbon into the soils through regenerative agriculture.  This will also help build resiliency in our businesses.”

“It’s extremely generous of the Christian community and wonderful for us. We will have them on the roof of our home, where we run our farm business from. They will be reducing our use of fossil fuels.”

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