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Finkel crowns wind as cheapest new power

The evidence is in: wind power is the most affordable power we’ve got, so let’s build more, the Australian Wind Alliance urges.

It follow the release of Chief Scientist Alan Finkel’s review of the electricity system which confirms wind power as Australia’s cheapest source of new energy, with costs continuing to fall.

“Wind is the cheapest power available to Australians – the sooner we can increase the amount of wind in the system, the sooner power bills will drop,” Wind Alliance national coordinator Andrew Bray said.

However, despite acknowledging the massive benefits of wind power, the Finkel review fails to explain how we can use wind power to fix the energy system. In fact, the review is contradictory: it suggest more red tape on new wind farms and prolonging the use of coal power.

“This is bad news for the environment and our power bills. Extra and unnecessary regulations on wind farms will hamper investment at a time when we need renewables to reduce pollution to protect Australians from worsening climate impacts,” Mr Bray said.

“Australia is one of the windiest countries in the world yet just 5% of its power comes from wind – there is significant scope to increase its use.”



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