Media release

Hazelwood closure a healthy move

The closure of the Hazelwood coal power station will dramatically improve the health of all Latrobe Valley residents, the Climate and Health Alliance (CAHA) says.

CAHA executive director Fiona Armstrong says there are serious health implications for those who live in the shadow of coal-burning power stations.

“Pollution from coal burning causes heart and lung disease, lung cancer, kidney disease, impacts on neurological development and can effect reproductive health, as well as cause premature deaths,” Ms Armstrong said.

“The life expectancy of residents in the Latrobe Valley is shorter than other Victorians, which studies have linked to the burning of coal.”

Ms Armstrong says pollution from coal-fired power stations is also a major driver of climate change which has its own string of health consequences.

“As the world heats up, so too do heatwaves, bushfires and extreme weather events.

“Speeding up Australia’s transition to clean energy is a must if we are to protect our health.”