Media release

Opportunity lost: cut to ARENA limits communities

More, not less, investment in renewable energy is desperately needed if all communities across Australia are to benefit from changes to our electricity system, the Community Power Agency says.


Community Power Agency director Nicky Ison says the Federal Government’s decision today to slash another half a billion dollars from the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) is a retrograde step.


“We’re at a critical moment where Australia’s electricity system is undergoing its biggest overhaul in decades and transitioning to renewable energy,” Ms Ison said.


“ARENA could be bolstered to make sure low-income households, renters, remote communities and people living in apartments are among those who benefit from this energy shift but instead the Federal Government keeps trying to limit renewable energy uptake.


“Communities, especially those in regional Australia, are crying out for more renewable energy. They know it creates jobs and keeps power price rises at bay all while limiting climate change.”


There are 51 community-owned clean energy projects operating across Australia and more than 80 groups developing projects that will keep income circulating in their communities and local economy.


Under the Coalition, almost $1 billion has been cut from renewable energy investment.


“All parties and politicians should be telling Australians how they will rapidly grow renewable energy and match the effort of communities right around the country.”