Media release

Time for Turnbull to end Abbott’s war on wind

The Australian Wind Alliance is calling for the Turnbull Government to end Tony Abbott’s war on clean energy and axe plans to appoint a wind commissioner.
National Co-ordinator Andrew Bray said news that the Turnbull Government was still planning to appoint an unnecessary national wind farm commissioner and committee was contrary to signs the government was ready for a truce in its war on wind.

“The wind commissioner was dreamed up as part of the deal done between the former anti-wind prime minister and a group of anti-wind cross benchers,” he said.

“Greg Hunt can’t have it both ways on renewables. He can’t expect the Australian public to believe he is “rock solid on renewables” and then keep attacking our wind industry to the detriment of regional communities crying out for jobs and investment.

“The Turnbull Government could call an end to Tony Abbott’s war on renewables and consign this idea to the history bin where it belongs.”

Mr Bray said reports that the Turnbull Government was considering appointing a New Zealand-based anti-wind advocate to the committee were extremely disappointing.

“This would continue the previous government’s pattern of appointing biased friends to positions of power over renewables policy, and sends entirely the wrong message to an industry they claim they are trying to revive,” he said.

“It’s time for a new chapter on renewables.

“Australians want cleaner and cheaper energy like wind power. That’s why they are putting solar panels on their roof, and that’s why communities are innovating with wind farms. It’s time the government walks the walk on innovation, and supports renewable energy with action.”

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